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Classroom air pollution harms children’s health and learning abilities

Children’s physical and cognitive health is at serious risk from exposure to indoor air pollution. A typical elementary-aged child in the US spends 940 hours a year in class rooms that can have pollution levels well above WHO limits. Blueair calls on school authorities and stakeholders to make creating the best learning environment a top priority.

The benefits of clean air in schools: A survey of teachers in London schools

A survey of teachers and staff at three London primary schools, after the installation of air purifiers, shows that improving classroom air quality has a major effect on the health, learning and focus of children.

Blueair Performance Book

Blueair Performance Book

Documents   •   Feb 01, 2020 10:48 UTC

The Power of Clean Air

The Power of Clean Air

Documents   •   Apr 05, 2019 12:33 UTC

Seven out of 10 Milennials, Gen Z and Gen X worry about the air they breathe at home and at work according to new research. People in China, India, South Korea, the UK and the US, show an increased concern for indoor air quality, restricting personal freedom and influencing decisions on where to live, work, dine, work-out and holiday, as well as choice of schools for children.

Blueair-TMALL Research on Indoor Air Pollution

A survey of Chinese families’ awareness of indoor air pollution carried out by Blueair in cooperation with Alibaba’s TMALL reveals that two-thirds of Chinese parents worry about the air quality in their homes.

White paper: Microplastics and how they pollute the air

Due to their small size, airborne microplastics can be inhaled and may induce a wide range of diseases including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as cancer. Action is needed as research proves that our indoor air is particularly affected.

Pollen-allergy relief: Monitor and control air quality at workplace and school

Climate change and air pollution makes the pollen season longer and more intense resulting in rising health care costs, reduced working capacity and absence from work due to illness and/or care of children affected by pollen allergies. To reduce the global burden of pollen allergies, monitoring and control of air quality standards at schools and workplaces are needed.

Blueair calls on the UN to add a Sustainable Development Goal on “Clean Air”

To encourage government and business to tackle air pollution, the world's biggest threat to human health, the UN must add a Sustainable Development Goal on “Clean Air”.

Living closer to major road brings high risk of suffering dementia, new  study suggests

Research published in the medical journal Lancet indicates that as many as 11% of dementia cases among people living up to 100 meters from a highway with significant traffic could be due to vehicle emissions as well as other pollutants

How to stay healthy when climate change makes your indoor air worse

Climate change isn’t just bad for the planet, it’s bad for our health too. Extreme weather events sparked by climate change – from heat waves to wildfires – are rising. This Blueair White Paper examines what people need to do to stay healthy indoors as scientific evidence shows increasing levels of infectious, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases resulting from climate change.

COPD world's 4th largest killer of people

COPD world's 4th largest killer of people

Documents   •   Nov 18, 2015 10:25 UTC

COPD kills three million people a year globally and is set to become the third biggest killer of humans within 15 years, according to WHO. COPD is caused by smoking and airborne pollutants such as dust and chemicals, which can be removed indoors at home and work by Blueair's award winning mobile air purifiers.

Blueair Globe Magazine, Q2, 2015

Blueair Globe Magazine, Q2, 2015

Documents   •   Sep 01, 2015 15:30 UTC

Blueair Globe examines key issues relating to indoor air and human health and wellbeing, explores new trends and takes a look at the air cleaning products that removes 99.97% of airborne contaminants.

Blueair Globe Magazine, Q1 2015

Blueair Globe Magazine, Q1 2015

Documents   •   Sep 01, 2015 15:28 UTC

Blueair's quarterly magazine explores what's new in the arena of indoor and outdoor air purication.

Blueair Globe Magazine Q4, 2014

Blueair Globe Magazine Q4, 2014

Documents   •   Sep 01, 2015 15:26 UTC

Blueair Globe Magazine Takes To The Workplaces & Streets of Chicago, USA, & Delhi, India

The new edition of the quarterly Blueair Globe magazine is now available in print and online bringing readers Blueair news and updates on indoor and outdoor air pollution issues touching health and wellness from around the world. The latest issue includes how one Chicago company has boosted workplace productivity by harnessing Blueair air purifiers to enable staff to breathe cleaner air.

New IoT products for measuring air quality, air pollution legislation updates showcased in new Blueair Globe Magazine

The latest issue of Blueair Globe Magazine reports on new efforts to tackle air pollution around the world and the launch of exciting new products that rocket Blueair into the Internet of Things (IoT) sphere.

Blueair publishes new issue of its Blueair Globe Magazine

The latest edition of Blueair’s quarterly Blueair Globe magazine is now available to read online.

The Threat In Our Indoor Air

The Threat In Our Indoor Air

Documents   •   Aug 31, 2014 14:28 UTC

Outdoor and indoor air pollution are two sides of the same coin. Yet a great many people remain oblivious of the link between the contaminated air they are breathing in their homes and workplaces and a huge range of health and wellbeing problems. This Blueair White Paper studies PM2.5 fine particles links to health risks and a wide range of diseases in homes and work spaces

Blueair Globe Magazine Explores Indoor Air Quality Issues

Blueair has published the Fall issue of its English-language quarterly magazine, Blueair Globe, which reports on indoor air and related issues from around the world. The Blueair Globe magazine looks at the latest initiatives in the US spearheaded by President Obama to tackle air pollution from coal plants and reports how 11 countries in Europe still exceed EU air pollutant levels.