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Blueair Air Purifiers Deliver Invigorating Air When The Training Gets Tough In Gyms

Stockholm, Sweden, February 18, 2017 – Twenty-first century America’s Cup racing is about revolutionary equipment, design and athletic physicality.

For the elite sailors competing in the 2017 Americas Cup in Bermuda, sustaining peak physical trim demands relentless lung-gasping workouts in a humid, sweat-drenched gym, which is why Blueair is helping the athletes of Sweden’s ‘Cup’ challenger Artemis Racing make every breath worth breathing at their island base camp.

Blueair, a global leader in air purification technologies, has partnered with Artemis Racing to provide cleaner, healthier air in the team’s gym and design office at its base in Bermuda, where this year’s 35th Americas Cup will entertain and excite huge crowds throughout June.The Artemis Racing team have been given two powerful Blueair Pro XL air purifiers, each capable of completely purifying the air in rooms 110 m2 (1180 sq ft) every 12 minutes.

“The America’s Cup is one of the world’s toughest athletic competitions with catamarans able to reach astounding speeds of 45 - 50 miles per hour as they fly through the waves,” said Blueair founder Bengt Rittri, who has a deep pro-environment commitment to banishing the single-use plastic bottles that are polluting the world’s seas. He noted the 12-man Artemis Racing sailing team need both strength and endurance to handle the extraordinary physical effort demanded of them.

“We are very excited about partnering with Artemis Racing’s amazing athletes, who are competing against the best sailors in the very competitive yachting world – and we are pleased they have chosen to use Blueair air purifiers to help them breathe air free of contaminants,” Rittri added.

“The Blueair Pro XL air purifiers have created a real sense of improvement in the air in the design studio but also particularly in the gym, where the air can quickly deteriorate in quality when a dozen sailors are working out at their max capacity for long periods of time,” said Pete Cunningham, Sports Physiologist at Artemis Racing.

‘Artemis’ is an ancient Greek goddess, who is both a hunter and the protector of nature. The modern Artemis Racing team is living up to that reputation by recycling all waste and banning the use of single-use plastic bottles at its water-side Bermudian base.

Why use air purifiers in a gym? A study carried out by researchers from the University of Lisbon in Portugal and the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands indicated how poor ventilation in workout areas and aerobic studios encourages the buildup of high levels of dust and toxic gases.Samples of the air taken in 11 gyms tested by researchers contained carbon monoxide and ozone along with airborne VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which include chemicals such as formaldehyde, released by carpeting and cleaning products.

The Blueair Pro XL air purifier has received substantial critical acclaim for their innovative, cutting-edge design and superior air cleaning performance, including a Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design GOOD DESIGN® award. Blueair’s Pro XL harnesses three sets of unique v-shaped filters and an inbuilt particulate monitoring system that removes allergens, dust, viruses and chemicals.

“The America’s Cup and Artemis Racing provide Blueair a real-world platform to showcase our innovative air purifying technologies and demonstrate just how good our solutions are at giving people air as clean as nature intended to breathe,” Bengt Rittri said.

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