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Blueair Classic 405 “Best in test” in independent laboratory testing of air purifiers

STOCKHOLM – September 26, 2017 – Among 12 different brands tested, Blueair Classic 405 has a “superior air purification capacity” according to Testfakta Research laboratory tests performed by independent accredited Intertek Testing & Certification and IBR Laboratories.

The world-leader in clean air solutions, Swedish Blueair, is once again recognized for its unique filtration technology, HEPASilent™, which removes 99.97% of all airborne particles down to 0.1 micron in size including pollen, smoke, dust, mold, spores, bacteria and pet allergens.

"The air purifier with by far the highest air cleaning capacity is the Blueair Classic 405", said Carl-Magnus Brandberg, Managing Director of Testfakta Research. "Even at lowest speed, Blueair manages to clean the air from dust and pollen in a space of 41 square metres, compared with 5-24 square metres for the other air purifiers tested".

“Thanks to our patented HepaSilent technology, our air purifiers have a superior capacity even at lowest speed, said Johan Skåntorp, Head of R&D at Blueair. “As a result, our products are also silent and energy-efficient”.

The following air purifiers were tested:

  • Philips AC3256
  • Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02
  • Electrolux EAP300
  • Coway AP-1008DH
  • Fellowes AeraMax DX95
  • Meaco CA-HEPA 47x5
  • Wilfa AP-5W
  • DēLonghi AC150
  • Stadler Form Viktor V-002
  • Airfree P100
  • Wood's ELFI 300
  • Blueair Classic 405

About Blueair Classic 405

The Classic 405 is a wi-fi enabled air cleaner for home or office use. It combines the Blueair patented HepaSilent technology with functional Swedish design features such as a digital display with touch-button control. It is energy-efficient, whisper silent and made of materials that can be recycled.

Why use an air purifier?

In addition to pollen and combustion fumes entering buildings, chemicals in paint, furniture and clothing as well as cleaning detergents, mold and dust, make indoor air up to five times more polluted than outdoor air in both city and rural dwellings, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) According to EPA, people also spend 90% of their time indoors.

About the test

Testfakta Research conducted comparative laboratory tests of air purifiers with the purpose of comparing the performance of air purifiers sold on the British and Nordic markets. The laboratory tests were performed by Intertek Testing & Certification and IBR Laboratories in the UK. The sample was selected by Testfakta Research on the basis of models suitable for a medium-sized room. The capacity was tested according to test standard ANSI/AHAM AC1-2015, measuring the capacity to eliminate various types of particles (dust and pollen). The 12 different models were tested on capacity at 37dB and at max speed. They were also tested for ease of use and ozone emissions.

For further information, please contact: Sara Alsén, Head of Communication and Sustainable Business, Tel: +46(0)761107057, Email:

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Blueair is one of the world’s leading producers of air purification solutions for home and professional use. Founded in Sweden, Blueair delivers innovative, best-in-class, sustainably developed products and services to consumers in over 60 countries around the world. Blueair is part of the Unilever family of brands.


Sara Alsén

Sara Alsén

Press contact Chief Purpose Officer Communications & Sustainable Business +46(0)761107057

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