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Blueair donates 48 air purifiers to China Welfare Institute Nursery in Shanghai; issues call for greater focus on children’s respiratory health

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Blueair donates 48 air purifiers to China Welfare Institute Nursery in Shanghai; issues call for greater focus on children’s respiratory health

Shanghai, November 3, 2015 – Blueair, a world leader in indoor air purification technologies and solutions, has issued a call for greater attention to be paid to children’s respiratory health in the face of growing urban air pollution.

The appeal came at a ceremony in Shanghai in late October commemorating Blueair’s 10th anniversary in China, where Blueair donated 48 of its air purifiers to the China Welfare Institute Nursery, a children’s organization focused on maternity and child healthcare, pre-school education, out-of-school education, and children's culture.

The institute was established in 1938 by leading Chinese political leader Madame Soong Ching Ling, the widow of Sun Yat-sen, who led the revolutionary movement that overthrew the Manchu dynasty in 1911. Ms. Ching Ling devoted her life to high quality early childhood education in China, which helped earn her the epithet ‘the conscience of China’.

Speaking at the handover ceremony in Shanghai, Ms. Annika Waller, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Blueair said: “Countries such as China and India often get a bad press for their high levels of air pollution, but the reality is it’s a severe problem around the world. And a consequence is that respiratory diseases rank one of the most common causes of illness in children in both developed and developing countries.”

Ms. Waller said that children especially needed to be protected from polluted air because their lungs are still growing and are not fully developed until into their early teens. She noted that with asthma and allergies on the increase just about everywhere, there is an urgent priority to pay greater attention to children's respiratory health.

Ms. Waller said Ms. Soong Ching Ling’s passion and love for children and their wellbeing served as a huge example for us all in helping to protect coming generations from today’s health threats. She said Blueair strives ceaselessly to develop the world’s best indoor air cleaning technologies that remove practically all known contaminants, from particles to germs, to help deliver "a beautiful future to coming generations".

Blueair donated forty-eight 403, 450E and 550E models to the China Welfare Institute Nursery. The Blueair air purifiers harness patented HEPASilent® filter technology, which helps deliver a world beating clean air delivery rate. 

Blueair air purifiers are also characterized by low energy consumption and zero ozone emission. Two years ago, the American Embassy in China purchased over 4,000 Blueair-branded air purifiers.

“Through our donation to the remarkable Welfare Institute Nursery, Blueair hopes to bring greater public attention to the need to focus more on infant respiratory health. It is part of our ‘Blue Sky’ program to help kids everywhere breathe air as clean as nature intended, at the very least in their own homes,” said Ms. Waller.

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