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Blueair Supports 2014 China Open Tennis Tournament

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Blueair Supports 2014 China Open Tennis Tournament

Blueair the leading global brand in premium indoor air cleaning appliances, has teamed up with the annual China Open international tennis tournament - the most comprehensive international tennis event with the highest level and the most players in Asia.

As one of the backers of the 2014 China Open, Blueair’s China organization is contributing to the goal of the China Open organization to provide players and other visitors the best possible indoor air quality conditions.  Placing its indoor air purifiers in key locations on site, Blueair wants to showcase the high performance of its range of mobile indoor air cleaning units, which remove up to 99.97 percent of all airborne contaminants from the air in rooms at home or in the workplace.

“We are very pleased to sign up with China Open as a cooperation partner of the 2014 event running from 21 September to 5 October in Beijing,” said Sam Li, Blueair China General Manager.

“We are partnering with a great tennis brand that ranks in the world’s top eight (including the four Grand Slams) tennis tournaments. In addition, this partnership is also promoting important values for us at Blueair China – community involvement, gender equality, a healthy, sporty lifestyle and corporate social responsibility.”

The China Open tennis tournament symbolizes Beijing in the post-Olympic era. Last year it attracted over 300,00 live spectators, while domestic broadcasting exceeded 370 hours to reach an audience of 1.24 billion people. The event was by 127 television stations and channels from 157 countries, while the official website attracted 14 million visits.

Blueair’s sports partnership aims to promote its visibility in China, promote athleticism and healthier lifestyles through sport, encourage social inclusion through tennis, and stimulate awareness of indoor air contamination issues and the solutions available.

Sam Li added: “We are delighted and proud to have this opportunity to support the China Open, whose ambitions and values we share, from dedication to performance to respect for the environment and gender equality at all levels. Sporting events like the China Open serve to inspire us all to live cleaner, healthier lives, which is also the core ambition of Blueair China.”


Blueair's Beijing team relax with Mr. Chen Shu (center, fifth from left), the Vice President of WTA Asia Pacific, who is a loyal Blueair customer.


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