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Blueair to unveil world’s first fully working smart indoor air monitoring, control and purification system at Showstoppers @ CES 2016, Las Vegas, January 6

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Blueair to unveil world’s first fully working smart indoor air monitoring, control and purification system at Showstoppers @ CES 2016, Las Vegas, January 6

Chicago, December 28 , 2015 – Blueair today announced it will unveil the world’s first smart, fully connected, fully working indoor air monitoring, control and purification system to 1,500 journalists, bloggers and analysts at the annual Showstoppers Media Event at CES, January 6, 2016, in Las Vegas. 

Designed to put consumers in control of the air they breathe, Blueair’s 'home defense system' means American homeowners and businesses can benefit from indoor air free of allergens, chemicals, and dust mites, or outdoor pollution that has seeped inside, without having to worry about it.

“The visionary new air purifying technology from Blueair pairs our designer-contemporary Sense+ air purifier with the sleek-looking Aware air monitor to intelligently monitor and clean homes and offices,” said Herman Pihltrad, Blueair Inc. President.

Mr. Pihltrad said that Blueair’s new smart technologies will effectively help consumers create safe indoor havens in a world where air pollution is now recognized as a huge environmental disaster behind mounting respiratory diseases and millions of deaths worldwide.

Available in six different colored shells, the Sense+ harnesses advanced HEPASilent filtration processes to remove up to 99.97 percent of airborne particles, whisper silently. Linked with the Sense+, the Blueair Aware monitors air quality and adjusts air-cleaning flow until the nasty stuff it has detected in the air being breathed has been removed.

Both the Sense+ and Aware can be connected to the Blueair Friend app to provide a detailed view of indoor pollution such as fine dust and VOC’s as well as temperature and humidity. The 'Friend' app, available for both IoS and Android smart phones and tablets, also gathers data on an hourly basis from thousands of gauging stations across the USA and over one hundred other countries to deliver trustworthy information on local outdoor air quality.

“Blueair is making the invisible ‘visible’ to empower consumers to better understand their surrounding air quality, detect dangers and do something about removing allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants,” said Herman Pihltrad.


- Air pollution is behind over 200,000 early deaths every year in the USA alone, according to a 2013 study by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Contamination of indoor air has been linked by other studies to rising rates of asthma, COPD, Alzheimer’s, and other diseases.

- Another new Chinese study by researchers at Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University – published by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology – found use of an air purifier ‘efficiently reduced’ the amount of fine particles in indoor air and led to improved heart and lung function.

– Showstoppers @ CES 2016 is a key focus of over 1,500 prequalified journalists, bloggers, analysts and key industry influencers interested in the future of business, consumer, lifestyle and digital technologies for work, for home, or for play.

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Sold in over 60 countries around the world, Blueair delivers home and office users more clean indoor air for enhanced user health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier thanks to its commitment to quality, energy efficiency and environmental care. A Blueair air purifier works efficiently, silently to remove 99.97% of allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants.

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