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The day the air changed

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The day the air changed

Chicago, March 8, 2015 – A smart air sniffer launched by Blueair, the world’s biggest name in air cleaning, quickly identifies health hazards ranging from deadly PM2.5 fine dust particles to allergy-causing dust mite feces and gasses and odors. More, the Blueair ‘Aware’ sensor then transmits that air pollution information to the Blueair Cloud for display in an App on your mobile iPhone or Android smart phone, which in turn can automatically adjust an indoor air cleaner to remove the stuff that otherwise would be inhaled.

“We’ve launched the future of indoor air today and now health conscious people in cities across America can start tackling the airborne problems that previously were invisible,” said Herman Pihlträd, President of Chicago-based Blueair Inc.

Noting that once what was out of sight was out of mind, Pihlträd added that Blueair has moved indoor air technology into the ‘Internet of Things’ realm to deliver a tangible benefit to consumers.

“Blueair’s Aware sensor is designed to detect hundreds of different types of airborne particles from PM2.5 dust to VOC’s such as formaldehyde and benzene in the air in your home or workplace and send it in real time to a Blueair App that can be downloaded onto a mobile device,” said Mr. Pihlträd. “Designed to give people the chance to prevent flu or allergy-like symptoms common to poor indoor quality to develop, Blueair Aware also monitors room humidity and temperature.”

Blueair Aware’s development was spurred by the insight that few people living in urban environments – where they on average spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors – get a chance to breathe good, clean air every day.

Apart from the impact of outdoor air pollution caused by industrial activity and car exhausts, modern homes are also being built ‘tighter’ than ever before to conserve energy – a do-good initiative that has a serious downside. Tightly sealed buildings encourage the accumulation of pollution from building materials, carpeting, household cleaning products, air fresheners, personal care products and even cooking, which can seriously impact human health, comfort and productivity.

“Until now, people have not known exactly what is in their indoor air, but thanks to the Blueair Aware sensor and mobile app we can now actually see what’s causing us to sleep badly or is making us feel unwell or lethargic. And that enables us to do something about it by turning up our air purifiers to trap the pollution, just as we vacuum dust from the floor,” Pihlträd concluded.



Sold in over 50 countries around the world, Blueair delivers home and office users more clean indoor air for enhanced user health and wellbeing faster than any competing air purifier thanks to its commitment to quality, energy efficiency and environmental care. A Blueair air purifier works efficiently, silently to remove 99.97% of allergens, asthma triggers, viruses, bacteria and other airborne pollutants.

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